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We are building a web platform that will allow users to explore dynamic data visualizations of misinformation and its spread across interconnected networks., using the Twitter API and machine learning.
Our mission is to equip the world’s population with access to machine learning analytics and data visualizations, the likes of which are typically only available to a relatively small few. We hope to assist in eradicating the conditions that have allowed misinformation to thrive up until now.
The need for all to have access to knowledge has never been more pertinent. Knowledge is indeed power and we’re determined to help humanity reclaim what this infodemic has taken from us all.

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Greta Stojanovic


Greta has over 10 years experience running Startups - having led the early stage growth of Freelancer.com (ASX:FLN) to 3m users in under 2 years (prior its IPO). She was cEO of subscription beauty box Lust Have It! leading an exit to aussie commerce in 2015 (now Lux Group - Luxury Escapes, Spreets, Cudo, Brands Exclusive...) greta has a number of certifications in data science from iBM and the university of Michigan, covering machine learning, data analytics, data science and data visualisation..

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Goal #16 “Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels”


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