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Our aim is to provide the global audience with big data insights traditionally only available to a select few

about Us

We are a startup using machine learning models to identify misinformation and its spread online and starting with the Twitter API we are going to be publishing various maps of content networks. As Data Scientists, we have the opportunity to harness artificial intelligence to identify content anomalies in real time and by visually representing the origin of content that is the subject of debate we will be allowing the data to speak for itself. Data Detectors as a product is going to be an online platform, freely accessible.
Our mission is to equip the world’s population with access to machine learning analytics and data visualizations, the likes of which are typically only available to a relatively small few. By working to bring our machine learning insights mainstream, we are looking to eradicate the conditions that have allowed fake news to thrive up until now. The need for all to have access to knowledge has never been more pertinent. Knowledge is indeed power and we’re determined to help humanity reclaim what this  infodemic has taken from us all.






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We are apolitical and by visually representing the origin of content that is the subject of debate, the data is essentially speaking for itself. The platform is intended to bring machine learning insights mainstream and assist in eradicating the conditions that have allowed fake news to thrive up until now.

Greta Stojanovic


Meet our Founder

Greta Stojanovic has a career spanning over 10 years running startups, including a four year tenure as CEO of subscription beauty box Lust Have it! that resulted in an acquisition by Aussie Commerce (now Lux Group) in 2015.

With a strong aptitude for data and analytics, having originally commenced her career in Finance as a Junior Analyst at Yellow Brick Road (yes the one from the series The Apprentice), Greta has since moved into Data Science, having gained a number of accreditations via IBM and the University of Michigan that cover Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and Data Visualization, all in the Python programming language.  

With an interest in literally everything and a love of solving complex problems, Greta’s ‘hobby’ is furthering her knowledge of Machine Learning and AI.   On a (slightly) less nerdier side, she is also a classically trained pianist and loves playing Chopin and Debussy on the same piano she’s treasured since she was five.  

“The world can only contain the virus and its impacts if every person has access to accurate, reliable information. That’s down to all of us. Verified is a United Nations initiative to encourage us all to check the advice we share. Look out for the double tick.” Verified

Our Mission

We are motivated by our goal to help humanity building DATA DETECTORS in honour of victims across the world who have suffered as a result of misinformation designed to cause harm. We consider misinformation a global pandemic and we are determined to be a significant force in the fight to identify it and stop its spread.

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