Our journey began during COVID-19, when we competed in the Techstars Startup Weekend – Unite to Fight COVID-19. We won the Australian National Event and went on to also win as a global top 5 grant recipient – proposing to build a platform whereby we could publish networks of misinformation that we could identify on Twitter, in an attempt to stop it causing any further harm.

Needless to say, things have skyrocketed for Data Detectors over the past few months and thanks to Upwork, what was something of a fantasy has now had the chance to be realised in the most remarkable way.


Below is the cover letter from our successful applicant who applied to be a virtual assistant.  An engineer by your side! was an impressive offer!

The Data Detectors mission is to use machine learning to identify misinformation circulating online, using the Twitter API and to publish the findings on a publicly accessible platform – helping to curb the spread of content that has been created with an intent to cause harm.

It goes without saying that this product would have never been able to get off the ground, had our team not have had access to the Upwork #worktogether grant. As a result of this incredible opportunity, our Data Detectors team have been able to source some of the world’s best Data Scientists to assist us in building a model that can effectively identify accounts that have been created for rmalintent / accounts that are most likely to be bots, based on specific traits identified via our machine learning models.

Our team have also been incredibly grateful to have had the chance to work with other highly specialized professionals on the platform, and have benefited from talent that have guided us through our sys ops special requirements. Not only that, we now also have an ongoing relationship with a VA based out of Brazil who happens to be an engineer and has assisted us in facilitating all of our operational needs, including hiring other talent and ad hoc research tasks that have been an incredible time saver and crucial for us at this point in our journey.

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